"Conway, who holds both Canadian and Swiss citizenship, has composed music for performance artists, filmmakers and dancers, but it’s her solo work that expresses a vital, singular worldview and establishes her as a compelling artist to watch. Conway will layer seemingly disparate component parts – a violin, sinewy drum programming – highlighting the rhythmic or emotional threads that connect the whole. She also has the vocal chops to carry raw, minimal piano ballads; her work is engrossing, the kind of music that dims all the outside world’s white noise. " - Red Bull Music Academy

“one of Canada's best kept secrets” - Earmilk

On Insecurities in Being :

"L CON (Lisa Conway) has built a reputation as a songwriter and producer who is gleefully unafraid of experimentation, and her latest single finds her in her element." - UPROXX

“L CON is the ideal artist to soundtrack such a dynamic; her songs carry an enchanting ambiguity to their emotional weight, and "There Was A Glow" sets the listener adrift while grounding them in L CON's skillful interpretation of the singer/songwriter mode” - The Fader

"Listening to L CON’s  latest single is like dipping into a dystopian saloon, but with less twang than that might imply. It holds within its transcendent melody and guitar patterns, the visual mastery of the Kubrick variety. It’s understated, but it’s heavy; it’s soft, but it presses a weight against the listener, slowly pulling us along a journey that is less an amusement park ride and more the steady climb up a mountain. Using both a variety of organic and synth sounds, the track is haunting and downright beautiful." - Culture Collide

"The resulting collection of soul-searching vocals with appropriately moody, symphonic, folk-tinged indie-pop instrumentals lands somewhere between Sóley, Fiona Apple, and My Brightest Diamond." - Tiny Mix Tapes

" a withering and wretchedly gorgeous new cut” - B Sides and Badlands on "The Art of Staying Tough"

“An avant-pop accomplishment from an artist with years of experience under her belt, the album is anchored by the firm assurance of Conway’s vocals, resilient and sure over expansive cosmic melodies.” - A.Side

"L CON utilizes smooth electric guitar solos, alluring percussion, bass lines and more to make the songs catchy, drawing you in before she knocks you off kilter with one of her left field ideas" - Exclaim

“Insecurities in Being is full of intricate arrangements and careful playing, a record whose calm surface belies a flood of ideas racing underneath it.” - NOW Magazine

"A gifted songwriter and powerful singer who embodies the full history of any music that has ever been cool..." - Guelph Mercury

"hushed pop of the highest order" - mp3hugger

"We always feel the weight of anxiety and confusion hanging over us; Conway channels this in a way that only Conway can." - Grayowl Point

"genuine and nuanced songwriting" - Cut From Steel

"touching, crystal-clear beautiful, and album that deserves every single listen it gets" - Where The Music Meets

"... an earnest, honest and raw artistic statement ... an album of musical evolution and emotional transitions in equal measure."  - Dominionated

“avant-garde pop for wayward souls” - Broken Pencil


On Moon Milk :

"L CON (Lisa Conway) has a habit of being … well, brilliant." - Ride the Tempo

"As L CON, her latest recordings are ethereal, minimalist, experimental, unnerving…and downright elegant" - AUX

"[Conway] conjures such uncompromisingly original and offbeat feminine artistic spirits as Laurie Anderson, Bjork, P.J. Harvey, Beth Gibbons and Roisin Murphy" - Toronto Star

"The Distance Of The Moon" is tranquil, but it’s never just that; it’s also haunting, cosmic, meditative, desolate, and even romantic with the outro’s serenading sax solo. If this is a taste of what L CON’s Bandcamp bio calls "traditional moon music," then it’s going to be real interesting to see what the rest of Moon Milk has to offer." - Indie Shuffle

"If The Distance of the Moon is any indication of the direction of the album, it will be one that, like its source material, creates a world of its own. Whether it be the cold, robotic percussion of the title song which tracks the alien sounds of a spritely clarinet fitted to an earthier saxophone drift while “Without Colours” is a sparser affair dominated by primordial folk vocals from band member Mary Wood (a.k.a. Warbler)."  - Tom Beedham, Noisey

"'Form of Space' appears as a folktale delivered from some distant, future colony...The drum machines and sculpted synths locate the transmission's origin to a more advanced star, but its baroque orchestral arrangements and L CON's supple voice tell us it's human — and achingly so." - Chart Attack

"'Form Of Space,' its latest single, delivers intense, burning horns over a sparse drum machine groove, with an extradimensional sequenced bass bursting in and out of the track. Astonishing stuff." - Silent Shout

"Her music blends orchestral intensity, honeyed tones, and liquid dance beats to create a nebulous swirl of sound." - The Imposter

"...majestic and mind-altering in its delivery and breathtaking, intoxicating, and dreamy in its effect. “Form Of Space” is not just a trip; it is a visceral experience to behold." - The Revue

“This album has all the makings of a classic … music you will want to return to time and time again” - Cut From Steel

“a gorgeous minimalist ballad with futuristic instrumentation that you could expect to hear on an alternate planet"  - Indie 88

"A wonderfully spacey record full of synths and psychedelia that stays anchored with some decidedly earthy musical tones" - CBC Music

"...a beautiful, intense and chilling trip through the endless realm of space." - Grayowl Point

"Conway gleans from the folk, pop, psych(e), and experimental genres to capture the expansive and mysterious essence of the celestial sphere." - Label Obscura

 "...["Form of Space" is] a song that is majestic and mind-altering in its delivery and breathtaking, intoxicating, and dreamy in its effect."  - The Revue

"..brilliant and very original... [Conway] has proven herself to be an artist worth following." -The Ontarion

"...une fois la bruitage nerveux des premiers instants de 'The Distance of the Moon' passé, on plonge plutôt dans un minimalisme néofuturiste où la voix de Conway se superpose à une boîte à rythmes puis à une ligne de basse hypnotique." - BRBR

"It's a challenging listen, weighty and far more satisfying as a whole than in parts. But the payoff is an open door to new worlds and ways of thinking.” - Now Magazine

"There is nothing predictable about the tracks on Moon Milk, and that’s part of what makes it such an enjoyable listen." - Grid City Magazine

On The Ballads Reimagined :

"The pared back production of sparse electro drums, strings and Conway’s AMAZING voice is more than enough to have us fall instantly in love" - Silent Shout

"However you dub it stylistically, the results are enchanting. Conway is a major talent." - Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music

"Toronto musician Lisa Conway has been a staple in the Toronto folk scene for years, steadily building a reputation as a singular and mystical voice.  In the spirit of the electronic bedroom pop of Nite Jewel's debut while still rooted deep in Ontario folk, L CON's new single is full of risk wrangled by talent, and personal trials as old as the video's sheared canyons." - Chart Attack

On The Ballad Project :

“Conway’s debut solo EP as L CON, The Ballad Project, only lays further bare her talents as a tormented David Lynch dream of a nightclub siren pitched somewhere between the Peggy Lee who gave us “Is That All There Is?” and Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, while also announcing the classically trained songstress as a gifted arranger capable of a wrangling a 14-piece string section into appropriately John Barry-esque shape behind her. Artfully spooky orchestral-pop sadness with a poise and classy veneer that feels beamed in from the black-and-white era. I am a huge fan of this gal.” - Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

“…this is a marvelous display of public arts funding gone stunningly correctly…the arrangements, also credited to Conway, takes her already prevalent gift for songwriting and creates an entire soundscape with it with live and meticulously recorded strings, horns, keys, and backing vocals.” - Opiners Blog

"Horns and a nine-piece string section are featured on the well-constructed arrangements, and the effect is a mite Bjork-like on the six-minute epic "Haunted By The Light." The fact that Conway wrote and arranged everything shows she is a multi-faceted talent." - Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music

"Lisa Conway is a busy woman. The Toronto singer fronts bands Chrome and the Ice Queen, Del Bel, and the Owle Bird, but she also found time this year to write and record this beautiful orchestral album of ballads as L Con. Featuring a nine-piece string section, The Ballad Project is easily her most lush recording to date and has a more romantic classic feel than her other projects." - Benjamin Boles, NOW Toronto

"String- and horn-laden, torchy ballads that are perfectly suited to Conway’s smoky, forlorn, and strategically soaring vocals." - Frank Yang, Chromewaves

"The Ballad Project is a demonstration that Conway has much more to offer than her incredible voice. The song-writing and orchestration she displays while striking out on her own suggest a very bright future indeed."- Elena Gritzan, Grayowl Point